Beach Haven Shore House
Vacation Rental - Long Beach Island, NJ
Beach Haven - beach badge information

Beach Haven Borough Hall (609) 492-0111


Beach badges are required
the end of June until Labor Day

6 Beach Badges are included with your rental

If you need additional Beach Badges
the costs are:

Seasonal badges are $40 (pre-season discounts available)

Weekly badges are $20

Daily badges are $5.

Badges for people over 65 are free

Children under 12 do not need a badge


Weekly and daily badges can be purchased right on the beach from the badge checkers. Or you can buy badges on Centre Street at the badge office.  You can also buy seasonal badges by mail...


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Don't forget about the bay
- it's great fun for kids to go swimming. There is a toddler beach on the bay at Taylor Avenue with a play ground - badges are required for adults.

* there are no guarantees made as to the accuracy of this information since Beach Haven Borough sets the prices and purchase locations for badges.  thanks